I'm finally getting around to finishing documenting my 2013 Year in Chocolate, just as the weather is warming up and threatening to put a damper on my newest chocolate plans!

Was I successful in making 50 kinds of chocolates in 2013?  I'm not exactly sure, I lost count at the end, but if it wasn't quite 50, I came pretty close. I'm pleased with the results!

In between having visitors for much of the month, I did manage to make chocolates for my colleagues for Christmas, as well as a few other gifts. 

After flying home on the 18th, I helped my mom prepare for our annual "Ladies' Tea." This year our theme was, what else, chocolate! 

My interpretation of the traditional Swedish Chokladbollar was a huge hit!

In all, 2013 was a hugely successful year of chocolate, and 2014 is turning out to be even more exciting!