In December 2011, faced with a tiny studio apartment lacking an oven, I decided I wanted to do something in the Chrsitmas spirit- that is, something yummy!- but since cookies weren't an option, what could I do? It suddenly dawned on me- make chocolates!  Chocolates would be perfect, you only need a stove, and I'd rather eat chocolate than cookies anyway! I spent the next few weeks making it up as I went along, a few silicone molds and lots and lots of chocolate shavings everywhere.  I had fun coming up with different fillings for my truffles but I was just playing everything by ear- I didn't even own a thermometer.  

an assortment of my creations December 2012 
So along came December 2012 and I thought I should continue the tradition, even though I had since moved to a new city and had an apartment with an oven(!!).  I decided to be a bit more serious this year. I bought a digital thermometer, a book, some more molds and even a metal bowl to improvise a double boiler.  In 2 weeks I made 10 kinds of truffles and gave many of them as Christmas presents to friends and colleagues.  Packaging my hard work was almost as fun as making the truffles themselves!  

Some were made following recipes, but most were of my own invention.  They were:
  • Pistachio nougat in dark chocolate topped with a shelled pistachio
  • Milk chocolate filled with honey marzipan
  • Chocolate coconut creme dipped in white chocolate and rolled in coconut shavings
  • Cinnamon ganache dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in vanilla fleur de sel spiced cacao powder
  • (homemade) Lemoncello marzipan in dark chocolate with a candied lemon piece on top
  • Orange marzipan and caramelized hazelnuts in white chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate rum truffles
  • Coffee ganache in milk chocolate and rolled on a Pralinengitter for a hedgehog effect
  • Mocha bean truffles
  • Milk chocolate Mandelsplitter

After realizing how little I knew about making chocolates, and how much I wanted to learn, I decided that one of my resolutions would be to make 50 different kinds of chocolates (truffles, pralines, chocolate bars) before the end of 2013. And because I've always wanted to do some sort of regular blogging, I decided I would write up my adventures and see what happens!