Emelie has been asking me to show her how I make chocolates for some time now, so her visit to Nürnberg for the long Easter weekend was the perfect chance to get chocolate-y!  

I planned on making Champagne truffles, molded Easter bunnies (from a vintage mold my mom gave me for Christmas) and chocolate bowls to serve vanilla ice cream and berries in for dessert on Easter Sunday.  

As we only used a small amount of Champagne in the truffles, we drank the rest in the form of peach Bellinis while watching chick flicks and waiting for the ganache to set.  All in all, the recipe for a perfect day! :)

the melt-in-your-mouth goodness that is a soft ganache truffle rolled in sugar 

milk chocolate Easter bunnies with white chocolate details

Sadly, I have no good photograph of the chocolate bowls, but I was impressed at how sturdy the fluted design turned out!  A shout out goes to my sister for giving me the molds for my birthday. :-)  And with bourbon-vanilla ice cream and mixed berries (and a chocolate bunny on the side) the chocolate bowls were a hit!

And here is my guest helper showing off our just-rolled Champagne truffles! 

I can't wait to experiment a bit with this truffle recipe... I think chocolate #12 is going to be even more decadent!