A week before Valentine's Day, I was at IKEA and saw a set of heart-shaped boxes and knew immediately I would fill them with chocolates!  What could be better than a box of handmade truffles? 

the finished box of home-made truffles! 
I set to work coming up with ideas for flavor combinations.  I knew I wanted to attempt to recreate my grandmother's chocolate coconut balls recipe, but the box I would be filling could hold three layers, so I needed two more options.  My grocery store finally had my favorite caramel cream again (I think it's really a spread for bread, but I put it on apples!) so I decided to make some milk chocolate molded truffles filled with the caramel cream using molds my sister gave me for my birthday!  

After a couple intercontinental phone calls in the grocery store, I had the closest ingredients to those necessary for my grandmother's recipe.  I was quite happy with the way the dark chocolate dipped coconut balls turned out and they were a big hit- the batch was huge!

For the top layer I improvised a "black forest" truffle with candied cherries and chocolate cream inside dark chocolate in a rose shaped mold.  Had I had some amaretto on hand, I would have added that, but I didn't want to buy an entire bottle to use a tablespoon... so that will wait for next time!

 the tricky process of filling silicone molds
(black forest truffles)
Unfortunately I was not so good about taking pictures, I will try to be better in the future!