I had just about given up home of reaching 50 kinds of chocolates this year, but after making 6 at once last week, I am still in the running!

While perusing my favorite chocolate supply website (pralinenwerkzeug.de), I saw some beautiful gold boxes with clear lids that hold 25 truffles and an idea popped into my head: what if I made personalized chocolate advent calendars for a couple of my best friends?  Instead of hiding the chocolates behind little paper doors, what if I made them all look the same and stamped numbers on them for each day, while the surprise would be what was inside? I liked the idea far too much, so I bought 4 gold boxes (along with my very first magnetic truffle mold!! I can't wait to try it out!) and set to work deciding on the flavors.  I decided on six flavors, that way there will be very little repeat.  Four of the same kind in one month is ok, I figured.  Alongside each advent calendar there will be a list of the flavors, but even I don't know which ones fall on which days.  All of the pralines are in dark chocolate heart shells.  Three of the flavors are dipped in milk chocolate and three in dark chocolate.  In milk chocolate there are honey marzipan, cashew cream, and a local Silvaner Weingelee (wine jelly) pralines, and in dark chocolate the fillings are rum ganache, coffee ganache and cranberry-amaretto.  

The little "biscuit stamps" from Tchibo worked great for the most part for stamping the date on the top of each praline. Because the box holds 25 chocolates, I stamped the remaining one with XO.  

I may have made one of the boxes for myself (I haven't had a chocolate advent calendar in years, who could blame me?) and I cannot wait for December 1st!

in the process of dipping the milk chocolate pralines

leftover fillings and 5(!) boxes of chocolates ready to be packaged in their gold boxes

Four homemade chocolate advent calendars!