Making good on my promise of a custom box of chocolate for a friends birthday, I asked him for some input. His first reaction: "Do you know the Lindt chocolate with salt?!?" No, I didn't, but if it was worth getting that excited about (and I *love* salt) I decided I would invent my very own salted truffles.

Dark, dark chocolate ganache centers, hand-rolled in milk chocolate and dusted with Himalaya salt
It's like dinner and dessert at the same time!

To round out the box of chocolates, I used dark chocolate shells and filled them with the same centers as the two kinds last week: peach-passionfruit and hazelnut cream. But this time, I dipped both varieties in milk chocolate and used a textured foil to give the hazelnut cream truffles a "jeans" look, while dusting dried organic lemon peel on the fruit pralines.

Hazelnut cream in dark chocolate, dipped in milk chocolate with a "jeans" effect on top

Exotic fruit pralines in dark then milk chocolate, dusted with dried lemon peel

Somehow, the combination of dark and milk chocolate with the rich centers, makes this batch of chocolates much more savory in character.  It really makes me want to try out some of the truly savory ideas floating around in my head!

A close-up and the whole top-layer of the birthday box of chocolates!

And the "leftovers" hehehe :)