Visiting friends calls for presents! And when time allows, that means truffles!!

On my first free day since I can remember (well, it hasn't been more than a couple weeks, but boy what a crazy few weeks!), I decided to make two kinds of truffles.  Same method, but different centers and decoration.

Meet Peach-Passionfruit and Hazelnut Cream Squares!

Peach-Passionfruit wrapped in dark chocolate and dusted in gold

Hazelnut cream also in dark chocolate with gold and silver transfer swirls on top

Packaging up boxes of truffles as gifts- one of the best parts of the whole process!

My finished packaging this time: gold deserves gold!
With my new Moo MiniCards!

The back of my new business cards.  For the front I chose 9 different quotations about chocolate.  
My favorite? Forget love-- I'd rather fall in chocolate!