After returning from tour, my first project involved all eight of us horn players in the orchestra.  It's relatively rare for all of us to play at the same time, so I decided to celebrate the fact with more chocolate! I was relatively pleased with the chocolate bars from January, but I decided I would attempt improving my method.  When you broke off a square of the original cinnamon ganache-filled dark chocolate bars you could see the filling because it went through the whole bar.  But in most chocolate bars you buy in a store (Ritter Sport.... yum!) each individual 'square' is filled separately.  This was my new goal.

I still had the ingredients for the filling, so I left that the same.  But instead of piping one thick line of ganache down the middle of each partially filled mold, I pipped four circles (puddles? blobs?), one in each of the four squares in each mold. Then I topped it off with the rest of the tempered chocolate.  I had enough for all eight bars this time; I decided I would buy two bars of melting chocolate each time I am in the grocery store, regardless why I am there.  That way I will have the supplies to make chocolate spontaneously-- even on a Sunday or in the middle of the night, which will happen, I'm sure!


After removing the hardened bars from the molds - so much fun! - whack!! - I misted the tops with Wilton gold food color spray.  Then came the aluminum foil wrapper again (which was so much easier this time!). I finished them off with a metallic gold ribbon wrapped lengthwise around each bar.   

While making chocolate bars is definitely less time-intensive than making truffles, I think two chocolate bars in a row, is enough.  I had an idea for my next project and it would definitely include individual truffles!