It's finally that time of year again!  I can make chocolates in my 4th story non-airconditioned apartment!

My first experiment with chocolate shells was a smashing success.  I kept it simple: dark chocolate shells, chocolate cream filling, dipped in dark chocolate. So. Good.

I also tried out my chocolate "tempering" device for the first time.  It's actually just an electric chocolate melting gadget, but it's certainly an upgrade from using a double-boiler. Because the device takes so long to heat up the chocolate I will need to budget even more time for truffle making, but working at a slower speed means I probably won't mess up the tempering quite as often!  Needless to say, this first adventure was probably my most successfully tempered chocolate yet!

double chocolate hearts ready to take to friends

inside: delicious chocolate cream

This will be a staple of my repertoire for sure!