After having made so many chocolates in December, I took a little time off :)

I was to go on tour toward the end of January and decided about three hours before leaving, that it would be great if I could bring some chocolates to give away.  But in less than three hours? On a Sunday (when every grocery store in Germany is closed)?  Challenge accepted.  Truffles were out because I wouldn't have time to hand roll a whole batch, so I decided to make chocolate bars!  Inspired by one of my favorites from December (dark chocolate and cinnamon ganache), I whipped up a cinnamon ganache (milk chocolate, cream, cinnamon, butter) and started tempering dark chocolate.  

I would be trying out my chocolate bar mold - makes 8 bars with 4 squares each - for the first time. So I filled the mold partway, waited for it to harden, piped a fat line of cinnamon ganache down the middle and covered that with the rest of the dark chocolate.  I didn't have enough to make all 8 bars, so I was lucky I estimated correctly and only partially filled 6 of the openings at the beginning.  

I have new respect for Lucille Ball and Ethel in their candy episode...
it is NOT easy using aluminum foil to wrap chocolate and make it look nice! 
I grabbed some aluminum foil and some cute recipe/cooking stickers I got for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) and headed out the door!  I played my service in the opera (our last performance of Tristan und Isolde) and headed immediately to the train station with my suitcase and horn ... and some fresh home-made chocolate bars!  I bet that was the first time someone has packaged up home-made chocolate on the InterCity train from N├╝rnberg to Karlsruhe!  
the only photo I have of the finished product